Well done good and faithful servant

What would it be like if you had an answer? A good one. The right one. When your friend you care for so much asks for advice, what would it be like to have words that are actual truth to give her? What would it be like to have an answer for someone wanting to be led to God? For someone asking the tough questions about our faith because they want to believe too? What is it like to feel the Spirit pull a verse you studied 2 weeks ago to the forefront of your mind in that moment? To speak with confidence the truth that has been revealed to you through bible study? To have the strength of Christ when someone rolls their eyes or mocks the truth? To be able to keep it together when the Spirit brought out of you words that brought someone to their spiritual knees in praise and surrender? To have the patience of Christ to watch a planted seed grow in someone?

You dont have to wonder what it is like. It is all right there for you in the bible. All the knowledge to turn to wisdom. You can be the one to spread the truth you have graciously been given. When Christ comes calling and asking “what did you do with the talents I gave you?” Did you bury them? Or did you use them to multiply the kingdom?

Parable of the Talents
Matthew 25:14-30

Don’t start and there won’t be none

My Proverbs 4 take away:
Reminds me of a saying I always heard when I was younger. “Dont start and there wont be none.” It was usually used when someone was about to smart off to someone else. It would mean, dont start with the attitude and we wont have a problem.
To apply it with Proverbs 4: Dont enter the way of the wicked and you wont have a problem.
I can testify to this. There have been many sins that, for whatever reason, I never entered into so I have never had that sin issue to have to fight. On the other hand there are many sins I did enter into that I now do have a sin issue to war against. It is not easy to replace a bad habit with a wise habit. Not easy but not impossible since we have the Spirit that abides in us.
This is a really great chapter for parents with young children. Teach them Gods wisdom early in an attempt to keep them from making unwise choices. Try to nip it as much as possible from the get go. Cuz if they dont start there wont be none. 🙂❤

For you that are like me and came to this walk later in life…God can heal and repair us and our unwise decisions and our kids (even adult)can be healed and repaired. Pray pray pray!! And stay faithful in that walk! Salvation happened to you and it can happen to them in the same way!