Study it like you will teach it

Many years ago I entered into a job that had so many processes it was a challenge to learn. Sometimes I would get discouraged because the lightbulb wouldn’t come on right away and I would struggle to understand it.

One day the lady that was training me told me we were getting a new member in our department and she wanted me to train him. I thought she was crazy! I didn’t know this job well enough to train someone on it! She refused to listen to my insecurities and reminded me that she would be right there if I needed her help.

So, then, as I was doing my job I was thinking about having to train someone else. I started thinking of questions he might ask like “why do we do this that way? Or why do we do this at all?”

Then, instead of doing these processes because “that is just the way we do it”, my brain started reasoning all the “why’s”. I started making connections to how doing the process this way leads into this process needing to be done that way and then the next process makes sense because it combines the first two processes….etc…

Bam! Lightbulb on!

The new guy came in and as I was training him I was getting even more understanding about my job. Through that I learned something that carried me through many difficult times of not understanding something. If you really want a deep understanding about something, study it like you are going to teach it.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because for so long I just accepted things in the Bible that I didn’t understand and moved on thinking it just wasn’t understandable. I wouldn’t stop to ask the “why” questions. I would just barrel over it and accept the process without understanding it. I…was…so…bored and discouraged trying to read my Bible.

Does that sound like you? It is a great act of obedience to study our Bible’s daily. And like all of the obediences God has laid out, it is beneficial for our lives in so many ways! If it wasn’t then He wouldn’t instruct us to be obedient to it.

But being obedient without understanding what you are reading isn’t really getting you anywhere is it? No light bulb moments leads to being very disinterested in what you are reading.

Solution? Study it like you are going to teach it. Research those “why” questions instead of barreling over it. Pray for the Spirit to bring understanding and to guide you to the resources that can help you. Guess what will happen when you do? Lightbulb!! 💡

The truths in God’s word being finally revealed to you will make you desire it even more! Study it like you will teach it and who knows, maybe someday you will. ❤

“man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord”
Deuteronomy 8:3

Do you hear Me?

There are times I get confused about how I should feel or confused about a verse I read. I pray for God to give me wisdom over it. Then I start to notice devotionals about the topic. My daily verses will be similar to the topic. Different things will start to guide my thoughts on it and suddenly the light comes on. I grasp an understanding. Then I hear this voice, and I wish I could explain it better because I dont really hear it. It isnt like a thought in my head either. Its like a feeling. I feel God’s words in my heart say “Do you understand?” Or “Do you hear Me?”. Of course God knows if I understand or if I heard Him. I believe that is His way of letting me know that was Him. The understanding doesnt always bring about instant change but it does give me something to strive for. It gives me direction. Something to aim at. And one thing I have learned is: if you dont have aim…where are you going? In circles? Zig zagging to avoid the bullets of life? Where is your aim? Look to God. He is your first and most constant aim. Let Him guide you from there.

Isaiah 30:21

21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”