All of eternity

I was on my afternoon walk and talking some things over with God when it suddenly hit me. We usually talk about spending eternity with Him as a future event. But really…we are already spending eternity with Him. It started the moment we accepted Jesus as our savior. From that moment on we will NEVER be without God in our lives. Guaranteed. It is not that we WILL spend eternity with God, but we ARE spending eternity with Him. Every step I make, every decision, everything in my life is in relationship with my Father. He truly does walk with us through every part of our journey. Thinking of my eternity with Him in present tense makes Him seem so much more present in my life. I am never alone. I do nothing without His presence in my life. I am His child forever more. He is all I will ever need and He is not going anywhere and will never change up on me. Safe and secure for all of eternity.