Choose this day…

Affirming and celebrating a sin that is in someone’s life is not showing them love. Pointing them to Jesus, who can rescue and redeem them from that sin, is showing love. That means telling the truth about sin.

So many people want to stay comfortable in their sin. They are so bent on staying comfortable that they will worship any “god” that allows them to stay in that comfort. I have seen statements come across my news feed that say things like “Yes, this is sin but I know God will accept me with open arms at the end of my life.” Or “Yes, this is sin but I am going to show love by celebrating the sin and letting God sort that out in their lives later. I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.”

These statements are proof that the person making them does not have any faith or trust in the power of God or His sovereignty over the sin in our lives. When it comes to something like homosexuality or any sexual sin, then the consesus is ” a loving God wouldn’t put this desire in someone and expect them to wrestle with it for the rest of their lives, being miserable, just so they can be right with Him.” This is a true statement. A loving God wouldn’t do that and He didn’t. He didn’t put that desire there. The father of lies did. And that father of lies will use a “Christian” to affirm this sin in someone’s life.

God, the Father of Truth, has given us an escape from sin. Not just to escape hell and make it into heaven but to escape it even in our lives here on earth. To those that are affirming sin, you are taking away the hope that God can heal, restore, and redeem them! Yes, He can! I don’t care if this sin hit you at 5 or 55. Let me tell you, the father of lies does not discriminate by age, gender, or race. The father of lies is all inclusive on who he attacks.

The Father of Truth is all inclusive on who He rescues. He does not discriminate in age, gender, or race either.

Your identity does not have to be a long list of adjectives and pronouns that are describing what kind of sex you prefer to have. God can and will turn your identity into one simple statement; “I am a beloved and rescued child of God.”

Abortion is another highly celebrated sin. When abortion is affirmed and celebrated it takes away the trust someone can have that God will fulfill a purpose through the preganancy no matter how it happened. It takes away hope! When someone affirms that women have a choice to abort their babies then that person is showing their lack of faith in the power of God and His sovereignty over us!

When someone chooses to walk in celebration and affirmation of these sins, they are walking hand in hand with the father of lies. They are following that father of lies to the pit. Listening to his flute of comfort and dancing all the way to mourning.

When someone chooses to repent of these sins and leave the comfort of them, then they are walking hand in hand with the Father of Truth. They are following Him all the way to the gates of heaven. Delighting in His truth, leaving their mourning behind and finding true and everlasting joy!

God accepts us just as we are and He loves us enough to change us to be more like Him. HE changes us from our very hearts that we have invited Him into to change! He changes us with His love when we invite Him to do it!

That is the truth. That is God’s Holy Word.

“Well, Monica, easy for you to say since you have never suffered those sins.”

Don’t assume you know my life or my sin. I have, in fact, suffered both of those sins. That is why I confidently come to tell you the truth. To testify to you the power of our almighty God! He has redeemed me! He rescued me! A full rescue! What I once desired, I no longer desire! God did that for me! He pulled me from the pit! He revealed to me the lies! He rescued me and gave me new desires that match His! Praise be His Holy Name!!

He offers this rescue to all people and all sin! Isn’t that great news?! We don’t have to affirm sin because we have a God who conquors sin! Completely! I am a living, breathing testimony to that and there are thousands upon thousands of testimonies that say the same!

There is hope! We have hope! YOU have HOPE!! REJOICE!!

Don’t fall into the pit with the father of lies. Be rescued! Choose this day whom you will serve. The father of lies or the Father of Truth. (Joshua 24:14-15)

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”
Matthew 7:21

A Hard Truth

This is going to be a very hard truth for some of you but it needs to be heard.

Heaven isn’t meant for everyone. Heaven is only meant for those who believe Jesus and confess Him Lord of their life. (Romans 10:9)

God reigns over Heaven and earth.

Earth is the only place that you will be able to even remotely feel His presence in your life without choosing Him as the One you will follow. He will show up in your life to draw you to Him yet still allow you to have a choice. If you don’t choose Him then this earth will be the closest to Heaven you will ever be.

Heaven is the home of those who chose to believe in the truth of Jesus as their savior. Heaven is not something that is taken away from you because you chose not to believe. Heaven was never ours to begin with. Our sin destins us for hell, but it is Jesus who rescued us from hell and made a place for us in Heaven with the Father. (John 14:3) If you do not believe that then you have no other rescue. He is the only way. (John 14:6)

Another glorious truth of this is not only are we saved from hell but we are saved from ourselves. We are saved from sin ruling our lives. Once we believe in Jesus and confess Him Lord of our lives then we receive the Holy Spirit to be our helper, to testify the truth of Jesus that creates a relationship with Him, and to lead us into good and away from evil. We change! (John 14:26)

If you believe you have accepted Christ as your savior and Lord of your life but still feel comfortable in your sin then I challenge you today to ask yourself, “Am I a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus?” It is not too late to lose a fan status and ask Jesus to lead you home to the Father.

This is the truth even if you deny it. Just know, though, God does not desire you to deny it but He desires you to accept it and be with Him for eternity. (2 Peter 3:9)

What do you desire?

I pray you let the Spirit come in and do His work and allow Him to give you a new heart with new desires that reflect your love for God and His love for you. (Ezekiel 36:26)
In Christ’s name I pray, Amen

Fear vs. Fear

Fear of the LORD means the highest respect and reverence for Him. This type of fear the bible speaks of is not a trembling in the corner waiting to be punished and condemned type of fear.

This type of fear brings us to the Lord for a solution of sin in our salvation. The other type of fear is what the enemy wants you to have so you never choose salvation. Which ultimately will lead to trembling in fear of hell and losing the presence of God because He was never chosen by you although you were given chance after chance

When you have a healthy fear of the LORD then you want to know more, see more, understand more….therefore you start to gain knowledge that turns to wisdom. But the ones that despise such wisdom turn from it and start living their own internal hell before they even reach their eternal hell.

That does sound pretty foolish to me.

Call me a fool if you like. Tell me I am the one in the wrong. But deep down you know that isnt true. Deep down something is saying….listen. Something is telling you this is all true. That is why you feel anger when you hear these words. That is why normally you scroll past or turn off anything that has to do with God. But not this time. You may be scowling and rejecting but you are still here.

The bottom line is someday you will know for sure that this is truth and you believed a lie. I am not even going to try to put a fear in your heart of a fire filled hell with flames lapping at your flesh. No. I want you to know how alone you will be without the presence of God. You think you dont live in His presence now? You think He has totally forsaken you already? No sir, No maam. He is still very present in your life. Full of love, grace and forgiveness. While you are on this side of death He is with you. Otherwise what would you be rebelling against? If He wasnt trying to constantly show you truth then what are you fighting to reject?

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Maybe you have lived rejecting so long that you cant even come close to understanding the love in that verse. Maybe you look at that verse in Romans and see hate instead. I can pour truth in you all day long about God’s design, about Jesus’ joy set before Him that brought Him through the cross, and about His great and glorious love for you. Yes, you!! But will you hear me? He is calling to your heart. Will you hear Him?

Lord, I pray they see You. I know You are there. They know it, too. I thank You Lord for being there. I thank You for choosing them. I know You only long for them to choose you. Lord, break their hearts for what breaks Yours. Help them see Lord. Til their very last breath, I know You are there. Thank You Lord. In Christ name I pray, Amen

Seeking absolute truth

“You just have to trust the science.”

Well, no, you don’t and let me explain why.

Science is not an absolute truth. Science is a bunch of hypothesis and theories that can be proven and disproven time and time again. A major thing I learned in college is that every study and experiement will have at least one flaw. One flaw may not seem big but it can actually skew the results significantly. Every study or experiment will have a methodology. A methodology is like a blue print and a rule book for the study. It will tell you the control, variables, procedures, and hypothesis of the study. In that methodology you will find a flaw…somewhere. No study is perfect. A study over one subject 20 years ago will not yield the same results as a study done 20 years later. Why? Because the science changes. It is ever changing.

Now that we know that no study or experiment is perfect and is always changing; what does that really mean?

It means that science is not an absolute truth. It cant be. Never has been. Never will be.

So, when you tell me that I have to trust the science then I will tell you, once again; No, I absolutley do not have to trust something that is not absolute truth.

Don’t get me wrong. Science has its place. I actually love the science of things. I am a researcher at heart. I can get happily lost in rabbit trails that research leads me through for hours. Science can help me make decisions in life. I can look at this study versus another study and make an informed decision. Other people may make a different decision after they do their own research. And that is fine!! It isnt an absolute truth so I can not tell you that my research is the way to go over yours. In fact, it would be highly irresponsible for me to pass any science off as absolute truth and try to govern your decisions by it. I am not you. You are not me.

So, where do I get absolute truth then?

Anyone who reads my posts already know where I am going. The absolute truth comes from God’s word. The Bible. His Bible. Some may say that a man written book can not hold absolute truth either. But the first thing you MUST understand is that man wrote what God breathed into them to write. Read the gospels and you will be reading four different eye witnessed perspectives of Jesus’ life on earth. There have even been scientist after scientist that have delved into the Bible to try to prove it is wrong. They wanted to show contradictions and find anything to absolutley disprove the Bible, and they couldnt. In fact, they came out the other side a believer.

Also, the Bible has never changed. Why? Because God’s word is absolute truth. Absolute truth never changes. What it said thousands of years ago is what it will say thousands of years from now. And THAT is why we can trust it.

Dont believe me? That is fine. Research it for yourself. Because what I know is true is that God said “if you seek, you will find.” (Matthew 7:7)

So, get to seeking. I already know what you will find.

I pray you do it with an open heart and actually seeking the absolute truth in which to govern your life.