Jesus prayed for you

Would you like to hear a prayer that Jesus prayed over you? Go read John 17. Or even download the bible app, choose for the app to read it to you, close your eyes, and picture Him in prayer over you.

Take comfort in what Jesus desires for you. He desired it so much that while He was on this earth He prayed it over you just before He was arrested and took the wrath directed towards sin for you.

Take comfort in Jesus as your Savior. A relationship with Him that leads you to spending eternity with Him is His greatest desire. A relationship that brings about obedience, trust, and fulfilled pomises He has spoken over the ones that love Him.

Do you feel like your life hasnt been showing your love for Him? Make that first step today and tell Him you want to be different. Ask Him into your heart so all of His promises can be made complete in you. Come into agreement that you are a sinner in need of a Savior and ask for your heart to be directed towards Him instead of your sin. A year from now you will be amazed at how different you have become all thanks to Jesus calling to your heart and you welcoming Him in.

Dont worry about being enough for Him. That isnt the point. He is enough for you. That is the point.

Let Jesus talk to your heart today. He is exactly what you have been missing.

Choose Jesus

Just thinking of how Pilate gave the crowd a choice to either let the sinner go and punish Jesus or let Jesus go and punish the sinner. The crowd chose Jesus to be punished and set the sinner free.Jesus made the same choice as the crowd. He chose, from the very beginning of time, to let Himself be crucified and set the sinners free. The crowd made their choice out of hate and Jesus made the same choice out of love. The crowd chose Jesus over the sinner to be punished out of pure spite for Him. We choose Jesus to save us sinners out of pure love for Him because He willingly took the punishment for sin.We all still have free will to choose today. You are choosing Jesus one way or another. You are either willingly choosing to cast Him away in spite or you are choosing to accept His salvation out of love. What do you choose? Sin’s punishment or God’s unyeilding grace and mercy?Where are you choosing your eternal soul to reside? With the crowd casting Him away? Or with Jesus at the cross, sin crucified, and covered in His love? This was not a choice He took lightly. You shouldn’t either. Eternity is a really, really long time.He loves you more than my words could ever express. One day every knee will bow realizing how glorious that love is. Every knee will bow at how holy our God is.Let the sinner go and choose Jesus.