So, I have felt under attack the past few days. You know those times when it feels like one hit after another. And if you arent careful then you crumble. You hit your knees because the attack just doesnt seem to let up and running off to cry and pray is all the energy you have. Well, in the midst of my bottom moment my husband was all smiles and trying to cheer me up. And I bit him. Not literally. But I bit him. I lashed out. Then, of course, it made the attack even worse. Because no matter how much I apologize it doesnt take it away. No matter how forgiving Daniel is, it doesnt take it away. This morning, as I am regaining strength and hope, Thank You Jesus, I still feel horrible for the bite. Jesus just reminded me that I am not alone in this. Jesus had a best friend named Peter that would go to battle for Him. Oh the love Peter had for Jesus! Never would he ever do anything to harm Jesus. Until he did. He denied his best friend 3 times at His darkest hour. He was even warned he would do it and it still didnt stop him! My point is, or Jesus’ point is….we are not alone in this. Peter wept in anguish over what he did to Jesus. But he also accepted Jesus’ grace and forgiveness and continued on his walk stronger than ever. I pray I handle it better next time. And I know there will be a day that I dont bite anymore…I feel it in my heart and I feel the time is near. Hence the increase in attack I am sure. Dont stop fighting yall. Even when you fall. Accept Jesus’ grace and forgiveness and ask for guidance on what made you stumble. I dont believe these are tests of our faith. Not a test you either pass or fail. But it is training for our faith. Endurance training. So, get up, brush yourself off, and run the race God has put before you.

Lord, I thank you this day and everyday for Your grace and forgiveness. I also thank you for the training You give me to increase my endurance in my faith to You. I thank you that the contentment in all circumstances that Paul speaks of is on its way. Thank You also for the forgiveness of others. Please help me to also forgive without hesitation. In Christ name, Amen