Power of Prayer

Does it sometimes feel like you have to say the exact right prayer to activate God’s supernatural power in your life? Like, If you could just find the right words God wants you to say then this problem would be fixed. I promise you God isn’t cruel. He just wants you to see it from His perspective so you can truly receive your blessing. There are times I stay in prayer over something for so long and then suddenly a phrase hits me, or a different perspective comes to light and my whole prayer shifts a different direction. Maybe I am praying for this and God shows me that this over here is what is making this over there happen so let’s pray on that. And then before I know it I see a prayer being answered. It isnt because I finally figured out the right words to say. It is because God granted wisdom and opened my eyes to His answers. We dont pray over the same situation over and over in an act of begging God to fix it. There is no need to beg. Ask and ye shall receive. We pray over and over to keep us close to God. To keep Him active in our thoughts, not to stress but to continually hand it over. The prayer isnt so much to make it happen as it is to help us see it happening. We need that. Because God rarely answers a prayer in a way we expect. It is always WAY better than we could have ever imagined. If you give God room to show out..He will.