Yesterday’s Fool

Yesterday’s fool is hard to see.
It is hard to believe that fool was me.

Yesterday’s fool left quite a mess.
I muddle through it in slow progress.

Yesterday’s fool only knew God’s name.
But didn’t know the fullness of His wisdom to gain.

Yesterday’s fool gets me down right pissed.
Thinking of the knowledge I somehow missed.

But yesterday’s fool and her foolish game
Led me to the One that knows me by name.

Though yesterday’s foolish actions still linger
In consequences that tend to point a finger…

I rest assured in the One who redeems.
He redeemed that fool and also her actions, it seems.

So, goodbye fool of the yesterdays.
Goodbye to all of your foolish ways.

Yesterday’s fool may have left mountains behind.
My Redeemer says they will crumble in time.

I have called upon His name to cast them to the sea.
And He can do for you what He has done for me.

Your foolish ways you can survive.
Run to Him. Run to Him and thrive!

Then offer forgiveness to yesterday’s fool.
Letting the enemy know you are no longer his tool.

Leave behind regret that will only cause stall.
Lean into the Lord, and hear His call.

Mate to my soul

I could go for a drink
Or maybe just a toke
Naw, I cant even sip it
And I hate the smell of smoke
Those temporary fixes
Yeah, they used to bring me ’round
But they stay way far from me
Since You set me on solid ground
The storm still rages
And that pain still lingers
But now I hit my knees
I interlace my fingers
My life isnt perfect
The hurt still comes
But I couldnt even breath
Until You gave me lungs
I couldnt cry out
Til You uncovered my sin
I was never truly born
Until I let You in
You heal every wound
You bless every scar
My heart still aches
But You’re never that far
So, I let the pain come
I know that I must
I feel every ounce
Because it’s You that I trust
That drink and that smoke
It never got me there
Not to the rock solid place
Where nothing can compare
I let the storm rage
It scares me no more
I have You at my side
It is You I adore
What else do I need?
No one else by my side
You’re all I ever wanted
Your love will never hide
You mend me up
You make me whole
My God, my Jesus
The mate to my soul
Pour out that drink
I dont want that toke
Jesus walked me thru fire
And I dont even smell like smoke