Prayer for loving others

My good and gracious Father. Thank You for giving me new mercies everyday. I ask You to help me love people. Even the ones that wear me down like sandpaper. You have placed them in my life to sand away all the spots in me that are still rough and smoothing me out to be more like You. I thank You for them. Lord, help me to not grumble about them. Where do I have room to grumble? I am the sandpaper in others lives as well. There are parts of me that grate the nerves of others. My progress is far from perfected and we are all in different phases of our journey with You. Help me to walk in obedience to Your command of loving You and Your people. Help me to be the samaritan on this journey instead of the ones that pass by others in need of Your love. Help me to pray and be kind instead of venting and grumbling to others because I know that kind of disobedience hinders their walk with You as well. Please Lord, let me not even hold it inside to form a bitter root. Change my heart and cleanse my thoughts so only Your love flows through. And when others bicker about me, Lord, help me to decide ahead of time to not be offended. My value is Yours. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank You for walking me through this and being so quick to pick me up when I stumble. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I love You. In Christ name, Amen.