More assumptions I would like to talk about.

  1. It is crazy that you worship a God you are supposed to be afraid of.

We are not scared of God. We have no reason to be scared of Him. When the Bible says to “fear God” it is not saying to be scared of Him. Fear, in that sense, is to hold in high reverence. To show the utmost respect. To see Him as holy. God does not want His children to be scared of Him. He doesnt scare us into obedience. We are obedient because we respect Him and know His ways are right. Just as you dont want your kids to obey the rules of your house because they are scared of you or your punishment. Wouldnt you rather they obey the rules because they trust you and respect you?

  1. It is abusive to tell your kids/people that they are sinners that need to beg for forgiveness.

Have you ever had a perfect day without sinning a single time? If you say yes, then whose moral code are you using to define what is right and wrong? For us, the Bible gives us our moral code. It never changes. And it tells us in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned. I dont think anyone can disagree with that. Just take a look at the 10 commandments. I dont think it is unreasonable to say those commandments define what is right and wrong pretty well. It is unreasonable to suggest that anyone besides Jesus has never fallen short on those. That is why Jesus provided a way for forgiveness that we do not have to beg for. Forgiveness is freely given in abundance when we turn our hearts to Christ as our Savior. Another amazing thing happens once we realize we are sinners and accept Christ’s work at the cross as our salvation….we dont want that sin anymore and our behavior starts changing. We receive not only freedom from the punishment of sin but we receive freedom from sin as we walk with Him!

  1. I believe there is a God but I am going to let my kids believe what they want. Who am I to tell them what to believe in?

You play a very important role in what your kids believe. If you arent guiding them as Christ being their Lord and Savior then you are showing them that you dont really believe that He is. Because if you really believed about the truth of salvation and how to obtain it then you wouldnt leave that an open sentence for them. Why would you? It would be like having a cure for something that is making them very sick but expecting them to find it on their own before they die. And by the way, even the demons believe there is a God. They also know who Jesus is and what He did. So evaluate what it is you really believe about salvation against what the Bible says about salvation.

  1. If I have to pay for my sins later, so be it. But I am not worshipping God just so God wont punish me for simply existing.

God doesnt punish us like that. He does correct His children because every good parent does. But if you are picturing a God that has some weird pleasure of watching people suffer for being sinful then you are picturing the wrong one in that role. Satan plays that role and God provided a way of escape from the deceiver. Jesus paid for your sins. In full. Why would you ever turn down such a free gift and choose to pay for your own sins? Do you really understand what you are choosing here? It isnt you burning in hell with God in heaven laughing at your demise and sending down lightening bolts to further your agony. Nope. You are asking for an eternity without God in it. Void. No goodness or light. Just darkness and evil and regret and hate and torture. Nothing to hold back evil. For eternity. Do you realize how long that is? Jesus already paid for you! Why is that such a horrible thing? You are God’s masterpiece and He wishes noone to perish. He would never punish you for simply existing. God’s wrath is Him turning from you as if He never knew you. Not worshipping Him will not stop that wrath. Worshipping Him will not stop it either. Admitting you are a sinner, believing Christ died for your sins, and confessing Him Lord of your life keeps you in the loving gaze of the Father that created you and wants so badly for you to choose Him. Why else would He make you exist if not for you to have the chance to choose Him and spend eternity with Him? It is that loving relationship between the Creator and us that makes us more than willing to worship and praise Him! He is such a good, good Father! And, by the way, there is no ruler in hell. The satan that you are buddying up with now will be just another demon in hell when this is all over. With no power at all and suffering just like you.

Fear vs. Fear

Fear of the LORD means the highest respect and reverence for Him. This type of fear the bible speaks of is not a trembling in the corner waiting to be punished and condemned type of fear.

This type of fear brings us to the Lord for a solution of sin in our salvation. The other type of fear is what the enemy wants you to have so you never choose salvation. Which ultimately will lead to trembling in fear of hell and losing the presence of God because He was never chosen by you although you were given chance after chance

When you have a healthy fear of the LORD then you want to know more, see more, understand more….therefore you start to gain knowledge that turns to wisdom. But the ones that despise such wisdom turn from it and start living their own internal hell before they even reach their eternal hell.

That does sound pretty foolish to me.

Call me a fool if you like. Tell me I am the one in the wrong. But deep down you know that isnt true. Deep down something is saying….listen. Something is telling you this is all true. That is why you feel anger when you hear these words. That is why normally you scroll past or turn off anything that has to do with God. But not this time. You may be scowling and rejecting but you are still here.

The bottom line is someday you will know for sure that this is truth and you believed a lie. I am not even going to try to put a fear in your heart of a fire filled hell with flames lapping at your flesh. No. I want you to know how alone you will be without the presence of God. You think you dont live in His presence now? You think He has totally forsaken you already? No sir, No maam. He is still very present in your life. Full of love, grace and forgiveness. While you are on this side of death He is with you. Otherwise what would you be rebelling against? If He wasnt trying to constantly show you truth then what are you fighting to reject?

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Maybe you have lived rejecting so long that you cant even come close to understanding the love in that verse. Maybe you look at that verse in Romans and see hate instead. I can pour truth in you all day long about God’s design, about Jesus’ joy set before Him that brought Him through the cross, and about His great and glorious love for you. Yes, you!! But will you hear me? He is calling to your heart. Will you hear Him?

Lord, I pray they see You. I know You are there. They know it, too. I thank You Lord for being there. I thank You for choosing them. I know You only long for them to choose you. Lord, break their hearts for what breaks Yours. Help them see Lord. Til their very last breath, I know You are there. Thank You Lord. In Christ name I pray, Amen

Prayer over fear

Lord, in Your name I speak over this virus and the fear and panic it has caused. You say resist the devil and he has no choice but to flee. Where You are he has no power. He is a conquered foe. I speak in complete faith and reliance on Your promise that You are in control of this. Ask not, have not…so I ask of You to release this fear, to renew in us a new spirit Lord, to remind us that You take care of the birds in the sky and You hold us even higher than them. What can man or virus do unto us when we have You? I am thankful that You will take every bad circumstance of this virus and use it for Your good. Im thankful that I dont have to sit back and worry constantly knowing that You have promised to provide my needs. I pray this over everyone out there that they turn their hearts towards You so they can live in the same confidence that You have given me that I have NOTHING to fear. That I am to worry over NOTHING. Thank you Lord for easing anxiety, depression, worry and fear. Thank You Lord that this virus will clear out quickly and not a speck will be left behind. I thank you Lord that all tragedies will turn to blessings and people see You and Your good work through all of this. I pray for the lost Lord that are living in such fear over this. I pray for those trying to rely on their own strength and finding ways of comforting themselves without turning to You. I thank you that You are right there waiting for them with open arms. I ask forgiveness and thank You for Your grace when I fall short of the trust and faith I know to always have in You. We love You Lord, we trust You. Thank You for not forsaking us. In Christ name I pray, Amen