Ok, so, God has been speaking to me about coming off of sugar. He has been for a while and, of course, I have been resisting. I have been hit with a little scare. Nothing drastic just something that made me realize what God has been laying on me for a while; that if I don’t get this under control now diabetes or worse could be in my future. That is a hard to explain story and maybe someday I will speak it but right now it is between me and God.

I have always functioned better on a lower carb diet but always felt deprived so I never stick with it.

Deprived. Where does that feeling come from? I am studying Genesis chapter 3 this morning and it is about the serpent (Satan) coming to Eve and deceiving her to eat the forbidden fruit. He does this by convincing her that she was deprived.

Let’s think about this y’all. Here is Eve living in the glorious garden of Eden. Freshly spoken into creation from the very mouth of God. In this garden God has provided every single one of her needs. Every need is met and she doesn’t even have to work for it. She can eat from every other tree in the garden and enjoy all the beauty that goes with it. She has a husband that she was made specifically for. Talk about a soul mate, right? Well, maybe we will call him her rib mate 😆 This lady wants for nothing!! God has given all to her and guess what! He even visits them in the garden in the cool of the day! Where exactly is she deprived again?

She isn’t. She even knew why she couldn’t eat from that tree. God didn’t hide that from her. God told her not to eat from the trees lest she die! Die, y’all!! God said no to this small thing that was in the midst of this huge garden He had blessed her with to protect her!

But that nasty little serpent came whispering sweet nothings in her ear about how horrible God is for not letting her eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He even conviced her that God was a liar and that she would not surely die. He conviced her that God did not give with an open hand but ruled with a closed fist.

So, where does the feeling of being deprived come from? That nasty little serpent whispering sweet nothings in our ears. I am no better than Eve at believing a lie over the truth of God and not trusting in His protection at times. My bet is: you aren’t either.

We are so not deprived. God does not tell us “no” so that we will be deprived on something. He tells us “no” to protect us from what we do not need. Look at all the things He says “yes” to! He gives those things with an open hand! If you need help seeing those blessings (and many times we all do) then ask God to open the eyes of your heart so You can see Him in your life. He will be good to do it!

Philippians 4:19
“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

A Snake’s Purpose

A Snake’s Purpose
Monica Joslin

“Snakes have their purpose even if you are afraid.”
That is what my game warden father used to say.
It reminds me of the snake that slithered its way to Eve.
That snake had a purpose and Eve was not naive.
God was clear on His command for that fruit filled tree.
Eve knew the price but chose the the lie “to be free”
Enslaving the free remains the pupose of that snake.
Breaking chains is Jesus’ purpose; your choice to make.
You can overcome a snake’s purpose even if you are afraid.
You are more than a conqueror; that is the way you are made.
So, stand with your Father and let Him guide you through the end of time.
Always proclaiming what your Father is saying:
“A snake has its purpose BUT I have Mine.”