Church is for sinners

“I’m too caught up in sin to go to church.” Friend, church is for the sinners. Church points you to the God of change. God does not expect you to change yourself first. Do you want to be healed? Then get uo and get in the water. You have two choices….keep leaving by the world and waiting for situations to change or come just as you are to the God that sent His only son to wash your sins away. A baby isnt born into this world expected to know how to walk and feed itself. You are not born into Christ expected to know how to walk or feed yourself. Get in a group of more mature Christians (like church), listen to sermons online along with going to church, and read bible studies that help you understand verses. Be fed and learn how to walk from others that are further along. Then before you know it, you will be helping to feed others. You will be helping others walk. And that old sin that you felt was too bad for church…you will overcome that. You will start to do more of the right things and it wont even seem that hard anymore. I know how it feels to need to let go of something for God. But I also know I didnt let go until I was deep in church and Gods word. I also know letting go of that sin was the best thing I ever did. It could have cost me everything but I gained a Father’s love, forgiveness and and a close relationship with Him and that is worth it all.

Hypocrits of Church

Some people say “I dont go to church because of all the hypocrits.” And others respond “we are all hypocrits.” Thats very true, but I believe some hypocrits those people refer to are the ones that come to church just to be seen or to feel like it is just something they are supposed to do. There are some that sit in the pew and dont pay a lick of attention to a single word. There are those that say “I beleive Jesus died for our sins and thats good enough for me” and dont want to know Him any more than that. I understand the type of people you are talking about. I used to be one. My words to you are..go anyway. Because there are people there that say “Jesus, I want to follow you honestly. I want your ways to be my ways. When people look at me I want them to see you. Even though I may stumble and feel like I am the hypocrit…You know me better than that and pick me back up.” And to all of you that do that. Thank you. You set the example and give others something to strive for. Thank you for being honest with Jesus so I could learn to do the same.