Come home

As I lay here awake again at 3 in the morning with several negative thoughts flowing through my head; I finally surrender them all into prayer. I remember all the times God has spurred me awake and allowed these thoughts to flood in. I know He has something to say over the thoughts that I even wrestle with during the day and at 3 a.m. I am still enough to listen.

The thoughts I was having doesn’t matter, at least not right here in this post but what He said matters.

“I brought you out of that and put you in My home. I was with you then so don’t you know I am with you in My home?”

Oh man! God brought me out of such darkness and He placed me in His home. His spirtual home (in my heart), His eternal home(He has made a place for me in heaven), and His physical home (church).

This reminds me of how He brought the Israelites out of Egypt where they were oppressed and enslaved for 400 years. Then led them to the Promise Land. They still had struggles with their faith in that land but God always gave them a solution. If He was with them in Egypt, if He was with them in the wilderness, then, of course, He was with them in the Promise Land. All they had to do was surrender to Him and stop surrendering to other gods, lies, and temporary comfort or excitement. In Him, they would find forgiveness, joy, and freedom from the evil He so desired to purge from them.

Now, here it is, Easter. What does Easter mean for you? For me, it is a celebration of Jesus Christ who has risen! He took my curse and my punishment to the grave and He arose as a new covenant. The veil that separated us from God has been torn and discarded! The work for our salvation is done but that isn’t all that happened! When Jesus ascended back to heaven He left us another gift that can be so often overlooked. He left the Holy Spirit to abide in us and change our hearts.

How do we get that Spirit? We surrender to Him instead of other gods, lies, temporary comfort or excitement. Through the Spirit that we receive by our faith in Jesus we are led to forgiveness, joy, and freedom from the evil that God so desires to purge from us. This is called sanctification and it doesn’t end until the day Jesus returns.

Have you felt that change? Do you feel that you surrender more to the Spirit or more to the desires of things you know are sin? Do you feel a struggle in your heart to let go of sin? Do you feel a desire to have a prayer life and study His word? What is your honest relationship with Jesus?

Talk to Jesus about that.

Today is the day, friend. So many will visit His physical home this morning for Easter. When the pastor ends his sermon and invites you to seal your salvation in Christ, please know that is a moment that God is using to invite you to His spiritual, eternal, and physical home. Not just to visit but to be a family member that lives there. Aren’t you weary of just being a visitor?

You, who are weary, come home.
Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling.

Calling, oh sinner, come home.