Even you

You know what amazes me? The Great I Am, the Creator of all things, the one true God created me! Not only that, but He knew what I would do before He ever created me. He knew the sinful, hurtful life I would live and He created me anyway.What amazes me even more is that my sinful life didn’t stop Him from calling me. When my flesh pulls me to look back in regret then the Spirit reminds me “The Great I Am, the Creator of all things, the one true God called to you even then.” Right at the bottom of my brokenness.I love this song. Some people will say “I didn’t find God. God was never lost. I was lost and God found me.” The way I see it; God knew where I was the whole time. I wasn’t lost in a sense that He couldn’t find me. I was lost because I was blind and couldn’t see where I was going. Then one day, God showed me so much grace. He opened my eyes and let me see where I was going and I didn’t like it. He let me see that He has never left me. In my past, I found Him there. He let me see that He was calling to me and desired to save me. In my present, I found Him there. He opened my eyes to see who He truly is and He softened my heart so I could fall in love with everything about Him. In my future, I found Him there.It didn’t matter what I had done. He created me to truly love me, and He only desires that I truly love Him back. I am in awe of that. Even a sinner like me, Lord? “Yes,” He says.Even a sinner like you, my lost friends. Even a sinner like you.❤”But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”Romans 5:8