You don’t have to go out like that

I have been thinking about how similar Peter and Judas were in their actions in the bible. Judas denying Jesus’ love and leading the guards straight to Him. Peter denying Jesus three times after He was taken by the guards. I mean, wow. Peter, one of the great apostles, can be compared to Judas the traitor.
It is where they differ that makes all the difference.
Judas made a very bad decision. Was it predicted? Yes. Did it all fit into the plan? Yes. Peter also made a very bad decison that was predicted as well. Here is the difference: they both felt guilt for their actions, but Peter had accepted Jesus’ love and truly believed He was who He said He was while Judas did not truly believe who Jesus was. He faked it. He said he was a friend but hidden in the darkness of his heart was the truth. Jesus loved Judas. Judas never accepted that love. At anytime after his actions he could have asked for forgiveness and claimed his faith in Jesus. He didnt have to go out like that. Since Peter’s love for Jesus was true, his actions led him to forgiveness, stronger faith, and eternal life.
We all make mistakes. Do you react to them as Judas or as Peter? Do you truly believe Jesus is who He says He is? Have you accepted Him as your savior and decided to follow His ways? If not, friend, it is not too late. You dont have to go out like that.