The cross has made you flawless

The flesh tries to take what Jesus did for us and say “I didnt ask for that. I didnt ask for You to suffer. In fact, I didnt ask to even be here. To even be given the chance to sin. You sent me here knowing I would sin. I didnt ask for this so Im not going to made to feel guilty for it.”
But the spirit replies “the beauty of it all is that I didnt ask for it. I didnt ask for the opportunity to live this life, under this new covenant, and be led to the Jesus who saved me and gave me access to spend eternity with God. I didnt ask for the chance to one day be in heaven rejoicing with overflowing joy every second. I didnt have to ask. God sent me anyway. Jesus died for me anyway. I am in awe of the fact that God wants me here so one day I can be there. God wants to spend eternity with me! What Jesus did wasnt to bring me guilt but to release me from it.” I may have to suffer the battle of the flesh and spirit while I am here, but in the end the spirit wins. Even my flesh will be perfected on that last day. Flawless.