The theft of a spouse

Ok, so, my bible study this morning is over David and Bathsheba. Now, for those that aren’t familiar…David saw Bathsheba bathing and lusted for her. Bathsheba was already married to a very loyal soldier of David’s named Uriah. David had an affair with Bathsheba anyway which resulted in pregnancy. David then went on to cover up his sin a few unsuccesful times but did finally succeed by sending Uriah into battle to be killed and then taking Bathsheba as his wife. Of course, his cover up only lasted so long because you can’t hide anything from God. God sent prophet Nathan to speak to him about it.
Ok, to the point of this post. In the Enduring Word bible study guide it breaks down the parable that Nathan used to talk to David about his sin. It was about a man with a huge flock stealing from a man with one ewe. This signified David, who had been so greatly blessed, stealing from Uriah. Adultry is the act of stealing from a spouse. But not only adultry, in the sense of sleeping with a married person, is considered theft. Nakedness is made for a spouse. So, when one watches porn or nakedness on tv…in essense he/she is stealing something that belongs to someone else, even if that person isn’t married at the time. Now, let’s look at premarital sex. This world has made that acceptable, but God’s word says it is a form of adultry. God made our nakedness to belong to our spouse. So, when we give that away prematurely we are giving something away that belongs to someone else. And on the flip side…taking something that belongs to someone else. I have seen in my own life where doing this has caused major issues. Not just my life either. I didn’t hold my body as something special to give to my future husband. I didn’t respect it in that way. It has run its toll in my life, my kids lives and many others that my path has crossed. I felt some pretty big conviction on this. Not condemnation, I can’t change my past. But I can make a better future. I can respect another’s body even if they aren’t respecting it themselves. I can be more mindful of what I watch. Even including how men are portrayed. I know this may sound like old school, prude like thinking. But think about how this world has desensitized us to what the bible teaches. Your body belongs to your spouse and until you are married it belongs to God. I once heard a preacher say that until you are married, the person you are dating is your brother or sister in Christ. How would you treat your brother or sister? Kindof makes you think “ewww” but it gets the point across.

Had David turned away quickly with respect of Bathsheba’s body not being his to look at then so much turmoil could have been avoided. That first sin escalated very quickly. We cant change our past, but what decisions can we make in obedience to God’s word that will change our future? You never know where that “little sin” may end up taking you, but you always know where God’s word will take you.