Do you hear Him?

You know what amazes me? When I am studying my bible, praying, listening to worship music, or maybe just sitting back in deep thought and an impression hits me. God impresses a thought in my head or a feeling in my heart and I feel the words “do you hear me?” Or “do you understand?” Or when I feel lead to do something like when studying my bible instead of saying “well that doesnt make sense” or “that seems contradictory to this other verse” and moving on…I feel pressed to go deeper. I feel a tug that says “this is important to understand.” Or “this is important for you to see it isnt contradictory at all.” So, I pray for understanding. I study a little more. Then there it is! I get it! But I think what amazes me the most is when I have felt these impressions, these words on my heart, and then read someone else’s understanding and it matches mine. Almost to the letter. As if we heard the same God speak the same impression on our hearts. It makes me realize how close God stays to us.

So many of us look for that kind of closeness and that kind of belonging in worldly things. Folks, let me remind you, not only is this world temporary but our time on it is as well. Set your sights on what really matters. We all have an eternity waiting for us. If you have not accepted Christ as your savior but feel led to and have questions. Then ask! Ask me, ask a preacher, or ask a mature Christian you know. If you have accepted Christ as your savior and wonder how to truly make your time on this world worth something. Love. Obey. Draw near to God. Be a light in this dark world. We are part of the solution. Share the light…be the salt.

Many of you skim past my posts. Some may have even unfollowed or unfriended me. But for you…the one that never reads this far and doesnt understand why they are still reading. Or to the one that just decided to read this post. This is for you. It is no accident. God is here with you. If you arent saved…He wants you to be. If you are but have been living a luke warm Christian life…He wants you to draw closer. Do you feel it? Dont run from it. Run to it. Youll never regret doing what is good for you. Do you hear Him?

2 thoughts on “Do you hear Him?

  1. Excellent post! 🙂 What you have experienced with knowing and understanding His many messages is the exact type of feeling I get when I read more notes and study His Word. And you are right: We feel a form of closeness to God, something He wants us to experience and do with Him: Grow closer to Him. 🙂 Awesome job, Sis’, for noticing how God operates His closeness and blessings with us. 🙂


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