Joy that lasts through the dark days

It is good to enjoy yourself. It is good to enjoy youth while young. They are fleeting days. But find things that bring joy for the dark days we are all sure to have. And avoid joys that will multiply the dark days ahead. The choices you make each day define your story. An everlasting story is one that glorifies God. For when judgement day comes, all other joy is counted meaningless and pure vanity. What joys can last through dark days? (Healthy lifestyle, volunteering, being apart of a church family, bible study and passing on the word God has shown you…) What joys can multiply dark days? (Drugs, alcohol, overeating,sex outside of marriage…) What does it mean for you?
The pictured verse is Ecclesiastes 11:7-10
This was a great chapter. Verses 1-6 are about not being so worried over the risks that you never take the chance. We never know what will work out and what won’t. If God puts it on your heart then go for it. Give it a shot, because you never know what God will do with it. It is a great chapter to study if you feel you are being called to step out in faith but scared.

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