Are you living prolonged days or a shortened life?

Proverbs 10:27 states “The fear of the LORD prolongs days; but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.” I read that thinking to myself, so what about the Christian people that died young? What about the elderly that never gave their life to God and lived evil as ever? As I pondered these questions my thoughts went to my life before I started living for God. I was living but I wasn’t living with the true fear (awe, respect, admiration) of the Lord and His love for me. That was SO many years that I missed out on seeing the blessings that living with respect for the Lord provides. The earlier in our lives that we reach that respect for the Lord is prolonged years that we have on earth to live for Him and see the blessings from doing so. On the other hand, the longer we remain in our wicked ways then that is a shortened time we have on earth of living with respect for our Lord and seeing the blessings from doing so. A man decides to receive the Lord on his death bed has done a wise thing for sure, but didn’t get to see any life with the blessings of his time on earth living for God. His time on earth living for God is short. It isn’t about the duration of your time on earth, but the duration of your time on earth seeing the blessings of a God feared life. And for those that have tasted that life, you know exactly what the man on his death bed missed out on. Those that haven’t tasted that life…what are you waiting on? Time is short! Start living your life for Him today and I promise you will not regret a day of it!